the family table

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My dining table is the same table that I sat at as a kid.  Well, almost the same.  As the youngest in a family of five, it was my job at dinner time to roll in the office chair so I could fit in at the four DSC_4423seat table (perhaps I was an afterthought after all?!).  I guess the advantage of being the youngest is that I now have the wooden table top that survived years of cosy family dinners.  But the table wasn’t quite right.  The four matching wooden legs, particularly against the sideboard, were just, well, wooden.  But I was in luck when I went to the tip shop (rubbish sale?) and found an incredibly ugly table, with an incredibly cool chrome sixties base.  Fortunately I had one of my (many) monkey wrenches (see the black tap post) close at hand, and now I have the cool chrome sixties base sans the ugly laminate top.  And it cost me $5.   It took was some drilling and the screwing of screws to remove the wooden legs and fit the new sleek chrome base, but it fit perfectly.





cost: base $5, top free (from the folks!)


  1. Bethany says

    Amazing! What a fabulous idea- very inspirational and an amazing mix of the tulip table and a classic Parker. I can’t wait to see what else you post!


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