mountain peak bunting

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Bunting. It seems that no baby may be born after 2011 without some form of bunting hanging in its nursery. It turns out my baby is no different. Such is also the fate of each of the babies of my friends who have received my felt mountain peaks as a gift. At least these frosty felt bunting peaks are inverted–ok so not that unique, but it’s something.


I handmade the felt peaks one productive crafternoon. I had to search through 20151219_154431the craft aisle of my local fabric shop for just the right type of felt. I did not want any stark white faux snow business. I wanted the flecked creamy felt that looked more like genuine snow. The shop assistant (perhaps understandably) did not appreciate the difference, but I found the snow cap felt I needed. Displaying some rare skills in spacial awareness I think I managed to cut five identical mountain triangles from one sheet of grey felt. The snowy caps I cut out freehand-style (alternating between straight and curvy snow–crazy, I know) and glued them on with craft glue. The natural beads were the perfect addition to break up the frosty peaks, although threading the beads and tying the knots was probably the most time consuming part of the whole caper.

cost: felt $7, beads $6, string and tape


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