plywood mobile

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Colour. Now there is something novel. Although I am of course a fan of all things monochrome I didn’t want my baby to think there are only two colours (shades?) in the world. So I made a colourful mobile to hang above the bassinet. I cut out random shapes from plywood with the jigsaw, primed them and spraypainted them. The priming is an important step because spraypaint tends to slide right off plywood. I’m not gonna lie, this took a while. The cross (for some reason) nearly killed me.

I originally used a thicker string but the shapes were not heavy enough which meant they did not hang straight so I used cotton thread instead. For the top of the mobile I cut out two shapes and added a slit so they joined together (with a bit of trial and error). One side is plain plywood and the other is black and white: old habits die hard. To finish I added some natural beads at the top. In addition to black, white and grey, my baby now wakes up to blue, gold and neon pink.

cost: plywood $9, spraypaint (old), beads $6 (leftover from the mountain peak bunting project).


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