the black wall

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the final product

so I decided to go against everyone’s advice and paintDSC_4329 my wall black.  I can say that when I go against everyone’s advice I generally regret it. But not this time.  Being warned about committing a range of design faux pas (making the space feel smaller, never being able to paint over it, scaring off would-be renters, recreating the 90s feature wall) I forged ahead (with a little help from a tall handsome foreigner).  The black wall makes a feature (dare I say it?) of my op shop sideboard and paintings.  I don’t think the space feels smaller at all.  Whether The Black Wall will scare off renters – only time will tell.  In terms of recreating the 90s: well perhaps it is a little 90sish, but I think the 90s is a great decade anyway.














details: dulux klavier paint (slightly grey/purple black), cost: approx $80 for paint and materials


  1. Caroline says

    Looks great. Well done for being brave and going with your instinct. It paid off. Love the paintings too!


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