gold lamp

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I have an aversion to brushed chrome.  Why, why, must every apartment built in the last DSC_4470decade or so feature that dull brushed chrome at every opportunity.  Chrome handles, chrome taps, chrome edges.  Gah!  Ok, so, spray paint: it is an easy way to make things not chrome.  My old lamp (from, yep, Ikea) was looking a little sad so I got rid of the shade and bedazzled the base up with some matt black spray paint around the top fitting and gold spray paint on the stand (not a speck of chrome to be seen).   I also discovered that Bunnings stocks filament globes (so excellent) and voilà.





details: matt black spray paint and gold spray paint

cost: about $7 each






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  1. Very impressive Fliss! Looking forward to coming back and seeing what else you’ve got going on here, now that I have my own space too (but no furniture, yet). Love the black wall!


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