plywood plant stand

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There was a moment when I was going to shell out some clams for a plywood plant stand and I thought, ‘I could make this’.  I have this thought often.  I usually ignore it.  Reality usually hits that there is no way I wouldIMG_3682 be able to make something that other people are able to exchange for cash money.  But  I figured that this project involved plywood — and, well, that’s it.  I purchased a jigsaw (an excellent piece of machinery) and a piece of plywood and got to it.  I measured, and/or guessed the proportions and cut out the pieces in my living room.  I sanded the pieces and then coated it with some trusty scandinavian oil.  I guess I just made a plywood plant stand!  I also made a lot of mess.  I took me longer to clean up the sawdust than it did to make the plant stand.

details: plywood, jigsaw, scandinavian oil cost: jigsaw $24, plywood $16 (for two stands)

IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3681

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